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The Boston Chapter meets monthly for 3 hours.  Currently, our convention is to meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 8:00am to 11:00am.  Our meetings are graciously hosted by Foley Hoag at their Emerging Enterprise Center in Waltham MA.  Continental breakfast is provided by Rebecca's.  Our meetings are organized into several segments including some combination of the following:

  • Presentations:  A member volunteers to present on a topic of interest to the group.  The typical timeslot is 45 - 60 minutes.  However, the Council is very interactive and presenters rarely need to prepare a presentation that would otherwise be half that time.

  • Roundtables:  A member volunteers to moderate a discussion among the group.  Prepared materials are typically just "discussion catalysts".  This is often preferable to a presentation when the topic is not necessarily an area of expertise of any one member.

  • Rapid Reports:  Something notable in the press, a new discovery or revelation, or the newest buzzword or acronym; the general criteria is that it’s interesting, useful, stupid, or just funny.

  • What's Keeping You Up at Night?:  One of our most popular segments where we go around the room and each convey our toughest current issue.  We often find that most problems are not truly unique and that someone has been there before.

  • Guest Speakers:  While most of our meetings are inward facing among the group, we do occasionally invite guest speakers to present to the group or specialists in a related profession to participate in our roundtables.

Past Presentation & Roundtable Topics

As technologists, many of our presentation and discussion topics focus on technology.  However, as technology executives, there are many other aspects of our jobs that extend into many other domains.  Here is a fairly representative sampling of past topics.

  • Venture Capital Roundtables, with Guest VC Partners & Angels

  • Autonomic Computing

  • Grid & Web Service Security

  • Metrics we Find Useful

  • IT Outsourcing in the Large

  • Grid Computing

  • Intellectual Property

  • Homeland Security: Taking Control of the Domestic Battlefield

  • Enterprise & Design Patterns, with Guest Speaker Martin Fowler

  • Web Services Technologies

  • IT Governance

  • Customer-Specific Rules & Process Automation

  • Composition of Software Frameworks

  • Business Architecture

  • RDF and the Semantic Web

  • Title Significance – CTO, CIO, VP Engineering, & Non-Traditional

  • Offshore Software Development

  • Software Development – Processes, Teams, & What We Know

  • Agile Development in a Onshore/Offshore Collaboration Model

  • The "Deadly Pathologies"

  • Service Oriented Architectures & Integration

  • Open Source – Consumer’s Perspective & Business Model

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