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Eligibility for Membership

  • By charter, the Council limits its size to approximately 20 members.  We emphasize quality of participation rather than quantity of membership.

  • While members are expected to attend all meetings, practical realities are well understood by all.  However, members unable to attend at least 4 of 12 meetings per year will be asked to stand down to make room for another candidate.

  • Members of the Council are executive level technologists.  Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering are the most common titles either currently or recently held by our members.

  • There are no competitive conflicts among members of the Council.  This is ensured during the candidacy process when evaluating new members, thereby facilitating openness and depth of discussions that might otherwise be curtailed.

  • There are no membership fees.

Candidacy Process

  • Interest in joining the Council should be directed either to a current member known to you or to the Chair (see Contact Us).

  • Please send your company affiliation, current position, and a brief biography (see Biographies).

  • This information will be shared with all members of the Council to comment on eligibility, potential competitive conflicts, and a recommendation to the Chair.

  • You will then be officially notified by the Chair.  The process usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

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