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The Technology Leadership Council ...

Founded in 2001, the Technology Leadership Council is a national organization with chapters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Boston.  Its charter is to enable local groups of technology executives to meet periodically to exchange ideas, explore trends, and share perspectives on a broad range of subjects germane to technology leadership.

The Boston Chapter ...

The Boston Chapter was founded in August of 2001 and includes approximately twenty CTO and VP level technologists.  The key points of our charter include:

  • The Council serves as a peer group for executive technologists; roles that typically have no peers within their respective companies.

  • The Council serves as a source of trusted networking, expert advice, experience, and sanity checks.

  • The Council seeks to bring fundamental values back into technology and to positively influence the state of the practice.

  • Membership composition is carefully screened to avoid competitive conflicts, thereby enabling a high degree of confidentiality and disclosure about problems, solutions, and everything in between.

  • Council size is limited to 20 members to make practical the curtailing of competitive conflicts and to encourage active participation.

  • The Council is not a sales channel.  Members are free to conduct business if they so choose, but outside of Council events.

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